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Your Essentials will make everyday purchases more affordable for you and your family.

As a member, you now have access to deals at over 300,000 merchants nationwide with unlimited access to the SaveRunner discount network. Shop online, print out a coupons or use your mobile device for exclusive in store discounts on the go. You can also claim valuable rewards monthly cash back rebates to save on your home bills and even use your membership card in over 50,000 pharmacies to save up to 75% off your prescriptions!

Your first month is FREE but if you continue after the trial you can save enough to easily pay for itself - but you have to use it! So the next time you are making a purchase, planning a trip, or just going out to dinner with your family, check here first.

Click on the 'Benefits' tab to browse all that you are entitled to as a member.

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Take some time to visit the 'Benefits' page to browse all the savings and rewards benefits you are entitled to as a member.

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Click 'Activate' at the top of the page or on the benefits page to activate your SaveRunner discounts so you can start saving!

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Make Your Essentials the first place you look the next time you of make a purchase, plan a trip or just going out to dinner with your family.

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